Social Security accidentally kills 12,000 people a year

You read that correctly! That's not a typo, so let me explain. The Social Security Administration mistakenly thinks 12,000 Americans each year are dead when it's actually NOT true! When they believe you are gone, that information can quickly spread to banks, pharmacies, hospitals. Essentially, you can be been locked out of your own life.

Here's a few questions to think about that we can help you with...

  • What are you doing to protect your wife when she loses ½ here Social Security income at your death?

  • What has your husband done to replace his Social Security income that you’ll lose at his death?

  • Why would a program to cover 2 years of in-home or long term care… without paying a cent in annual premiums be important?

  • How much of your investment income have you moved to the 3% tax bracket?

Did you know the Social Security administration does NOT accept a Power Of Attorney (POA)? This is why planning ahead is so important. You worked your whole life, amassed your savings, retirement, possibly a home, pension, etc.... and you want to protect it!

Sometimes we get caught up in the stock market and making money, which is fine, but don't forget about preserving your money, making it last as long as you do! Reach out to us at 949-270-2779 or email us at for more information.

Read The full article about the SS administration killing 12,000 Americans HERE

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