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FREE Tools To Utilize For Retirement Planning and College Planning

Free Report: Social 
Security Maximization

We have spent months on building a proprietary 
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  • Projected monthly benefits if you file at that specified age (62-70)

  • Comparison of suggested strategy to other common strategies

  • A quick guide to the most useful Social Security links

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21 Point Checklist

Our 21 point checklist is an essential checklist to make sure you have everything in place to not only protect everything you worked hard for, but  - 7 essential financial documents done right now… to protect you and your family from both financial and health hardships. These documents, which are free to you, can be the difference of…

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What is College Funding?

College financial aid, or college funding as it is more commonly referred, is defined as all monies that are provided to the student outside of the family and make up the difference between the college’s advertised cost of attendance and the amount the family pays from their own resources.  Although some funding (Federal PELL and SEOG grants, for example) is geared towards lower income families, college funding as a whole is not a charitable operation but rather a strategic tool used by colleges and universities to attract the students they would most like to enroll.

Types of Funding For College

Gift Aid - This can include scholarships, endowment awards, tuition waivers, tuition discounts, and grants.  As the name implies, gift aid does not have to be paid back.  The colleges use many names for the gift aid they offer to students, but they are really all just a discount off of the school’s sticker price.  A very simple, but powerful way to explain this to a prospective client is that there are two ways to pay for college; with your money or with someone else’s.

Self-Help Aid - This includes monies that the student either has to work for or is borrowed and must be paid back.  Student loans, parent loans, campus employment, and Federal Work Study Programs are all considered self-help aid.

Want to learn more?

If you plan to send your kid to college, your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is THE most important financial number in your life. In order to be eligible for any student aid, scholarships or government grants, you must complete and file a FAFSA (Free Application For Student Aid) It's very important to know what your EFC is and you must complete the form correctly and accurately before you apply for colleges. 

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Our Partner- American College Foundation has a goal to help as many students get their degree as possible.


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NEVER, NEVER, NEVER complete the FAFSA® (financial aid application) before you know what your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) number is.

Strategic Wealth Partners - Scholarship


Quickly locate over 15,000 merit scholarships offered by colleges around the U.S. in amounts from $2,000 to $40,000, including over 1,500 full-ride and full-tuition scholarships.

Each listing includes the GPA, and ACT/SAT scores needed to qualify and the direct link to access the application.

It even includes whether the scholarship is automatic based on grades and test scores, or whether it’s a competitive or talent-based scholarship.

Strategic Wealth Partners - EFC- Newport


Colleges use the financial information that you give them on the FAFSA® (financial aid application) to calculate your EFC to determine how much tuition you can afford to pay before they offer any grants and scholarships.

Many colleges even use your EFC to qualify your student for admissions and merit scholarships. Your EFC can literally be the difference between getting accepted, put on a wait list, or outright rejected.

Strategic Wealth Partners - College Deci


The College Decision Navigator is designed to help families navigate the academic and admissions side of college to get the student accepted to the college of his or her dreams.

This jammed packed ebook comes complete with calendars, checklists, and step-by-step guidelines on how to figure out what the student wants from college, narrow down the list of schools, and increase your odds of getting in.