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Strategic Wealth Partners

Our process is designed for your unique situation


Your wealth serving you and not the other way around. As Financial Advisors we 
understand that no one strategy or vehicle is the solution to everyone’s financial 
situation. We are decicated to our clients and work with an open mind to your
financial profile and position you in the best way possible to maximize your growth. The 
Momentum to reach your financial goals. What we call finanacial freedom. This is 
your journey we are here to help navigate. When you change the way you think about 
money you will change your relationship with money.


Live a prosperous retirement. Don't run out of money too soon. Don't be afraid to enjoy it 
either. Let us help you determine your projected shortfall or surplus at retirement. You 
can also see how long your current retirement savings will last.  No matter the results your 
trusted advisor is here to help you find your way. Gain the confidence knowing you are 
on the right path.


We know the greatest threat to your financial momentum are life’s major expenses that cause 
you to hit the reset button. Strategic Wealth Partners employs strategies that are centered 
around minimizing and in some cases eliminating those major transfers of wealth that trigger 
the decline or reset on your financial growth. From the cost of your child's education to minimizing 
interruptions in your investment growth, our advisors believe it’s not just about money. It’s 
about your entire life. Money is just the tool for living the life you choose on your terms, 
and prosperity means something different for each person.

College Planning

We take the guess work and anxiety out of the college planning process. By providing  guidance through all aspects of the career search, college search, admissions applications and selection processes.