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Our process is designed for your unique situation

Strategic Wealth Partners, LLC was founded for the specific purpose of helping clients find their "true purpose" for money and to obtain clarity, confidence, and understanding of their savings objectives in order to achieve success in their retirement planning and business planning needs, looking to reduce taxes, expenses and risk.

We know the greatest threat to your financial momentum are life’s major expenses that cause you to hit the reset button. Strategic Wealth Partners, LLC employs strategies that are centered around minimizing and in some cases eliminating those major transfers of wealth that trigger the decline or reset on your financial growth. From the cost of your child's education to minimizing interruptions in your investment growth, our advisors believe it’s not just about money. It’s about your entire life. Money is just the tool for living the life you choose on your terms, and prosperity means something different for each person.


Our team are "wealth strategists" which is defined as a financial professional who goes beyond typical financial planning to help identify your investment philosophy, understand your savings strategy, and provide discipline throughout your retirement planning experience. In addition to helping our clients identify the right strategy, we help keep our clients' decisions and behavior regarding their savings strategies on track for achieving the results they desire.

This business approach has led to hundreds of long-lasting, mutually satisfying relationships with our clients, many of whom we would call our dear friends.  ​

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The message here is simple

Focus with on what you want your financial future to look like. We understand there's not one strategy or vehicle that's the solution to meet everyone’s financial goals. We work with each client on your unique financial profile and direction to position you in the best way possible to achieve your goals. Your peace of mind is our success.

These days, too much advice centers around stock market returns. While everyone wants to have good returns, they are far from the whole story.  More important than returns is volatility control. Can you afford another 2008 market crash?  You have options you probably don't even know exist. Protection and leverage. Does your financial plan have these key ingredients? Are you carrying all the risk of getting sick, running out of money or dying sooner than expected? Let's discuss shifting your risk and protecting what you have and at the same time preparing for future healthcare costs, taxes and retirement expenses. The first step is making contact. Let's start this important conversation now.
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Idependent thinking

We can achieve our mission because our independence allows us to have access to hundreds of the most competitive products with the highest rated financial organizations on the planet so that we are able to customize a financial plan that is made just for you and your unique situation.

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